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Elevation 3,700 - 4,600 feet  Fees

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(520) 896-2425
Oracle SP
3820 Wildlife Drive
Oracle, AZ 85623


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Park's Speed Code: 4228#


Park Entrance Fees:
Per Vehicle (1-4 Adults): $7.00
Individual/Bicycle: $3.00

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Friends Group

Friends of Oracle State Park, Inc.

Friends of Oracle State Park, Inc., a nonprofit corporation

Oracle State Park: Center for Environmental Education

Oracle Re-OpensFor the Public

The park is open Saturdays and Sundays. Hours are 8 am - 5 pm. Environmental Education Field Trip Programs for school groups are scheduled weekdays by reservation.

For reservations, call the park office at (520) 896-2425.

Skys shoot across the night sky in this time-lapse photo of the Milky Way Galaxy over Oracle State Park.ORACLE STATE PARK named as one of 20 International Dark Sky Parks by the International Dark-Sky Association.

Did you know you have one of the best places on Earth to view the stars, right in our own backyard of Oracle, AZ?

Watch the KOLD Tucson 13 news story here

Visit the park this weekend, look up, and you may see more stars in the sky than grains of sand on the entire Earth. (Did you also know there are likely more atoms in a grain of sand, then there are stars in the entire Universe?)


Star Night PartyKeep up with all the great Star Party events Here.

Download Star Party & Astronomy Events brochure
(PDF Document 5.7 MB PDF) Download and share our new brochure with event dates! Includes live links to Partner Group websites and park home pages.


Milky Way Rising Over Oracle SP

Mike Weasner of the Oracle Dark Skies Committee with another amazing time-lapse video of the Milky Way rising over Oracle SP. There is no audio track to this piece. The Oracle Dark Skies Committee (ODSC) has succeeded in getting Oracle State Park a designation as an International Dark Sky Park. Learn more



Every Saturday & Sunday: The Kannally Ranch House Tour

10a.m. and again at 2p.m.
Learn more about one of the earliest cattle ranching families to Oracle, and the architectural treasure they left behind, on a 45-minute Docent or Ranger-led tour of the Kannally family home. The Mediterranean-Revival Style ranch house built in 1929, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. No reservation is needed. Free with park admission.

Saturday, January 31: Guided ‘Manzanita to Mariposa’ Loop Hike 

8:30am. (6 miles) Meet at the Kannally Ranch House. Hike Nature Trail to Manzanita Trail, AZ Trail to Windmill, on 2-track AZ Trail all the way to Cherry Valley Wash, to Mariposa Trail back to ranch house. Reservation required the day prior, Friday, January 30, by 4pm, by calling Guide, Gaston Meloche, directly at (520) 638-5404. Free with park entrance fee or display an AZ State Parks Annual Pass. A minimum of four hikers is required for a hike to take place.

Arizona Trail Virtual Tour

Noon. Join Sirena Dufault, Gateway Community Liaison for the Arizona Trail Association, for a talk and slide show in the living room of the Kannally Ranch House. Whether you are a hiker, mountain biker, equestrian, or Arizona visitor wishing to see more of the diverse landscape of our state, this Arizona Trail Virtual Tour will share views along the National Scenic Arizona Trail. The AZ Trail is an 800 mile stretch that passes through the entire length of Arizona, beginning just south of the Mexican border, passing through Oracle State Park, and ending north of the Grand Canyon into Utah. Free with park entrance fee, reservation suggested.


Saturday, February 14: Guided Hike, Granite Overlook to Cherry Valley Wash Loop 

8:30am. (6 miles) Meet at Kannally Ranch House parking lot. Reservation required the day prior, Friday, February 13, by 4pm, by calling Guide, Gaston Meloche, directly at (520) 638-5404. Free with park entrance fee or display an AZ State Parks Annual Pass. A minimum of four hikers is required for a hike to take place.

Saturday, March 14: Presentation: Gathering and Preparation Techniques of Traditional Apache Foods

Begins at Noon in the Kannally Ranch House living room, with Herb Stevens, San Carlos Apache and Cultural Center Director.Join us as we celebrate March as Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Awareness Month. The talk will highlight the use of acorn powder and acorn soup, and using sumac berries to make "Apache Kool-aid". Oracle State Park, located in the high desert oak-grassland foothills at 4500 feet elevation, has a variety of useful plant resources that continue to be collected and used traditionally by native people of the region for medicine and food. Examples are the edible acorns from the Emory Oak and Arizona White Oak; also the lemonade sumac bush, mesquite pods and annual wildflowers. This is a family-friendly event that is free with the park entrance fee of $7 per vehicle. Reservations are suggested.

Saturday, March 21: Going for the Gold Dark Sky Celebration

Oracle State Park has recently been designated the 20th in the world “International Dark Sky Park”. More details to come on this all-day-into-evening celebratory special event!

For reservations, call the park office at (520) 896-2425.


Saturday, February 21: Maynard Dixon Art Talk

Begins at 11am with Jacquelyn Feller in the Kannally Ranch House Living Room. Details TBA. Please call for a reservation.

Saturday, February 28: Guided Arizona Trail Loop Hike

Arizona Trail Logo8:30am. (6 miles) Meet at the Kannally Ranch House parking lot. Hike the Wildlife Corridor Trail to the Arizona Trail, and return via the Manzanita Trail. Reservation required the day prior, Friday, February 27, by 4pm, by calling Guide, Gaston Meloche, directly at (520) 638-5404. Free with park entrance fee or display an AZ State Parks Annual Pass. A minimum of four hikers is required for a hike to take place.

Wrap-Up Gallery: Live Music & Star Party Photo Gallery

See Photos from our Live Music and Star Night Party Event External Link

Tour the Historic Kannally Ranch House

Each Saturday and Sunday the historic Kannally Ranch house will be open for self guided tours (or guided tours offered by reservation). The Mediterranean-Revival Style Ranch House built in 1929, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Wildlife Slide Show

See what’s showing up at waterhole cameras in the park.

Walking TourCowboy Artist Lee Kannally Paintings

An exhibit of impressionist-style paintings by self-taught cowboy artist Lee Kannally is on display at the Kannally Ranch House.

Nearly 30 oils, many that haven’t been on public display for decades, are included in the exhibit, with 24 on loan from the Oracle Historical Society and the remainder owned by Friends of Oracle State Park.

Both a wildlife refuge and environmental learning center, Oracle State Park offers groups a chance to learn more about human's impact on nature.

Oracle State Park is a 4,000 acre wildlife refuge in the northern foothills of the Catalina Mountains. The park offers day-use picnic areas and over 15 miles of trails for use by hikers, mountain bikers and equestrians. In addition, a section of the National Scenic Arizona Trail crosses through the park.

The property once belonged to one of the earliest cattle ranching families in Oracle, and includes a unique Mediterranean and Moorish style ranch house listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Kannally Ranch House may be reserved for group use or weddings. Constructed between 1929-33, the adobe house is four levels built up the hillside. Self-guided tours are available with guided tours on select dates. From the patios enjoy sweeping views of granite boulder outcrops and the San Pedro River Valley and Galiuro Mountain range in the distance.

Oracle SP also serves as a Center for Environmental Education and provides programming for all ages. Interactive programs for school groups are offered by reservation. These programs are conducted along trails, so students learn about habitat and the interrelationships between plants, animals, and people. Additional public programs, workshops, tours and concerts are offered throughout the year.

Take a 360° Virtual Tour (Photo Gallery)

Area History

Kannally Rnach House
Tour the historic Kannally Ranch House at 10 am and 2 pm, on Saturdays, until April 28.

Although the land has been a park for just a short while, the area has been visited and used by man since prehistoric times. This interaction between man and the park environment has played an important role in shaping the landscape we see today.

Clovis Man occupied areas along the San Pedro River 10,000 to 11,000 years ago and quite possibly visited the current park site during these early times. It is also believed that the Hohokam resided in the relatively flat, grassy areas of the park and used the adjacent woodlands for hunting and food gathering some 600-800 years ago.

In the middle 1880s the Apache Wars had ceased in central and southern Arizona. This opened up large areas to mining, ranching, farming and the settlement of small towns.

In 1902 Neil Kannally arrived in Oracle from Illinois. After moving to the area, he homesteaded the land that would later become the park. Later, other members of the Kannally family joined him. The ranch grew substantially over the next several years and eventually 1100 Hereford cattle grazed the land.

In 1976, Lucile Kannally, the last surviving family member, donated the land to Defenders of Wildlife who later transferred the property to the State Parks Board

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The Oracle Adventure: An Environmental Education Program for Grades 1-3

The Oracle Adventure offers an environmental awareness program specifically designed for sensory learning. This participatory and interactive field trip focuses on developing an awareness of nature through the senses. Appreciation of the natural world and our relationship to it is emphasized during a series of hands-on activities along a trail in the 4000 acre park. Park rangers and trained docents will guide the students during the 90 minute program, as they explore the oak-grassland and learn to use all of their senses in this exploration. Teachers receive a packet with pre-visit and post-visit classroom activity suggestions to further enhance the on-site experience.

The Catalina Adventure Program, based on the Oracle Adventure, is also offered seasonally at Catalina State Park. Call (520) 628-5798.

The Oracle Odyssey: An Environmental Education Program for Grades 4-6

The Odyssey sparks curiosity, challenges students to think about the environment in new ways, and encourages students to consider simple positive actions that contribute to healthy environment. The Oracle Odyssey focuses on habitat and interrelationships and includes the study of humans as an integral part of the natural community.

Teachers receive a packet with complete pre-visit and post-visit lesson plans. The materials contain specific key concepts, teacher background information, and student activity sheets. During their field studies, students are guided by park rangers in a series of activities along a trail in the 4,000 acre park. This 2 1/2 hour program of hands-on activities brings ecological concepts learned in the classroom into a real world context.