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Elevation 2,400 feet   Fees

Contact the Park:
(520) 689-2811
Boyce Thompson Arboretum SP
37615 U.S. Hwy 60
Superior, AZ 85273


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Nearest Services: 3 miles

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511 Speed Code

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Park's Speed Code: 4202#


Park Entrance Fees:
Adult (13+): $10.00
Child (5-12): $5.00
Age 4 & Under: FREE

2014 Girl Scout Badge Workshops

Girl Scout Badge Workshops Girl Scout Badge Workshops Girl Scout Badge Workshops

Girl Scouts can participate in special activities and workshops that continue again in the spring of 2010 at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park.
Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park is the place to discover the intricate beauty and many faces of Arizona's oldest and largest botanical garden. Featured are plants from the world's deserts, towering trees, captivating cacti, sheer mountain cliffs, a streamside forest, panoramic vistas, many natural habitats with varied wildlife, a desert lake, a hidden canyon, specialty gardens and more.

This season the park will host additional Girl Scout badge workshops, offering girls a chance to study subjects ranging from photography to desert critters, wildlife and even finding your way in the outdoors.


Includes a non-refundable down payment of $20, is required to hold a position for a scout or troop. Workshop/Admission Fees: $10 per Scout, $10 per Adult, $5 per Non-Scout age 5-12. To sign up and prepay, have a credit card ready and call Arboretum staff at 520-689-2723. Deadline to pre-register is two business days prior to the workshop date

When calling about Girl Scout workshops please be ready to tell staff the specific workshop and date you wish to register for, your Girl Scout troop number, your name (or the troop leader's name); contact phone numbers, the number of scouts and chaperones attending, and provide a credit card.

Girl Scout leaders or parents wanting more information are invited to email Lacey Pacheco at lpacheco(at)ag.arizona.edu to be added to Lacey's email alert list for scout troops, parents and educators (or call 520-689-2723).

Learn more about Arizona Girl Scouts from the Arizona Cactus-Pine Girl Scout Council External Link and the Sahuaro Girl Scout Council External Link.

Girl Scout Badge Workshops Girl Scout Badge WorkshopsBrownies Workshops

Workshops last 2.5 hours.
9:00 am - 11:30 am

April 5: Letterboxer
May 3: Bugs

Programs for Junior Girl Scouts

Workshops last 3.5 hours.
9:00 am - 12:30 pm

April 19: Flowers
May 17: Gardener

Advances Programs for Cadettes

Workshops last 4.5 hours.
9:00 am - 1:30 pm

April 26: Woodworker
May 24: Trees

Become a Junior Ranger

Junior Ranger LogoIf you're between ages 6–12, you can become a Junior Ranger at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park! Pledge to do your part to help preserve the beauty of the park for everyone to enjoy!

On this page, you can download a Junior Ranger activity for this park that you can complete on your own. It's just one of the fun activities you can do to become a Junior Ranger. After you complete it, bring it with you to the park and you're on your way to becoming a Junior Ranger.

When you visit the park ask for a full Junior Ranger booklet at the Visitor Center, Ranger Station or office. Complete the activities during your visit and then bring it to a Park Ranger for review. When a Park Ranger approves your work you'll be asked to take the Junior Ranger Pledge and get sworn in as our newest Junior Ranger. You'll also be given a Junior Ranger Button. We hope to see you at the park!

Activity Sheet Summary

Download Junior Ranger ActivityPollination Puzzler: Why do flowers come in so many different shapes, sizes and smells? They are trying to attract pollinators! Pollinators help plants make seeds by carrying pollen from plant to plant. Pollen is a yellow (but sometimes purple, white, or orange) powder found in flowers. Since plants can’t travel by themselves, how can they get pollen from other plants? They use pollinators!

On the left is a list of kinds of flowers and information on special ways they attract pollinators. On the right is a picture of different pollinators. Draw a line from the flower description to its pollinator. At the park you can see examples of each type of flower!

Download 1-Page Activity Sheet (PDF Document 703 KB PDF)

Pledge & Button

Junior Ranger ButtonJunior Ranger Pledge: “As an Arizona State Parks Junior Ranger, I pledge to help the park rangers protect and preserve habitat, wildlife, and help keep the park clean and safe for visitors and wildlife.”

Remember, you can become a Junior Ranger at nearly all Arizona State Parks. So explore our website and visit the FOR KIDS page for each park for more activities.

Junior Ranger Button: Show everyone that you're a Junior Ranger! After you complete your activities and take the Junior Ranger Pledge you'll receive a Junior Ranger Button. You can pin it to your pack, put it on a bulletin board, or proudly wear it. Check out the button for this park in the picture.


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